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Parents – Are you looking for a playful learning activity to enjoy with your children?

Welcome to the Color The Be Coloring Book

As children begin to have all kinds of new experiences early in life parents can begin to teach them “life lessons” about good values, good manners and good behavior that they will use in their relationships and interactions with family, friends, and teachers, etc. – at school, at home and at play.

Many of these early lessons can be summarized in a phrase that starts with the word Be.


Learning new things can be fun if it includes a playful activity that helps to engage learners in the lesson. The Color The Be Coloring Book is a good shared activity that can assist parents with these lessons. While your children color the Be pages you can engage them in a conversation, using examples of real life situations, that will help them understand what that Be means. 

The Cover Page – this page has colors, be sure to print in the color mode ( right click on the image and choose Print for this Cover page and the Book pages below )


Book pages – all these pages are black and white, click in the lower left corner to scroll through the pages.


The Color The Be Coloring Book is FREE for all users. Any organization or person wanting to print and copy the pages for distribution to families without computers or internet connections are free to do so.



Honeybees are declining in drastic numbers worldwide at an alarming rate. Their decline poses a threat to global agriculture and our precious food supply. Join Color The Be in supporting the Planet Bee Foundation


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